Structure Modules

The Truth Revealed… Is Its Own Defense

Six Separate Modules

921Docs Modules include; Single-Family Home, Apartment / Condo, Strip Mall, Retail Store, Office Building and Warehouse / Industrial. 921Docs Structure Modules are specifically designed based on the Structures Original Construction, Not Its Current Use.

As a result most common Geographic Locations, Structure Descriptions, Available Ignition and Fuel Sources to Be “Built-In” while documenting changes that May Have Occurred since the Structure’s Original Construction.

Thorough Structure Examinations

The Structure Modules allow the Investigator to efficiently document their Systematic Examination of the structure and its surroundings. Identifying Exposure Areas as well as the General and Specific Areas of Origin. Beyond generating the `Narrative Voice Report`, the Structure Module Includes 14 Categories of Investigation.

As with all modules, the Final Origin and Cause Report is generated as a Microsoft Word Document. Allowing the Investigator to Easily Add Photos, Diagrams, Change or Add Text as well as other common Microsoft Word tasks.

90% of an Origin and Cause Report is Generated Before Leaving the Fire Scene or Vehicle


Module Includes:


Module Includes:


Module Includes:


Module Includes: