Standard Automotive Module

The Truth Revealed… Is Its Own Defense

Choice of Automotive Modules

921Docs offers either the Standard or CVFI Automotive Module to each client. The Standard Module is intended for those investigators who conduct Fire Origin and Cause Investigations Only. While the CVFI Module is designed for More In-Depth Vehicle Fire Investigations I.E. Stolen Vehicle Examinations, Component Failure Analysis and Motive Indicators.

All Automotive Modules Include the most common Vehicle Locations, Descriptions, Available Ignition and Fuel Sources “Built-In”. While documenting Pre-Fire Vehicle Activities, Door and Window Positions, Vehicle Use, Vehicle Condition and Unique Vehicle Fire Investigation Variables I.E. Last Use, Parked or in Motion, Recent Work Conducted etc.

Thorough Vehicle Examinations

The Automotive Module walks the Investigator through their Systematic Vehicle Examination while documenting the Vehicles Identification, Current (or changed) Location, Exterior, Engine, Passenger, Cargo Storage Compartments and Undercarriage. All while documenting a Fires Progression or Extension from one compartment or area to another. Thus allowing the Investigator to Consider and Document Various Available Fuels, Ignition Sources and the Elimination or Inclusion of Each.

Beyond generating the `Narrative Voice Report`, the Automotive Module Include 12 Categories of Investigation. As with all modules, the Origin and Cause Report is generated as a Microsoft Word Document. Allowing the Investigator to Easily Add Photos, Diagrams, Change or Add Text as well as other common Microsoft Word tasks.

90% of an Origin and Cause Report is Generated Before Leaving the Fire Scene or Vehicle


Module Includes:


Module Includes:


Module Includes:


Module Includes: