ABOUT 921Docs

Helping Reveal the Truth and Reporting It Accurately.


921Docs was founded by Certified Fire Investigators, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigators, ASE Certified Master Technicians, Professional Engineers and Subject Matter Experts.

Like most investigators “In The Age Of Computers” they realized that there had to be a more efficient way to document the scene and generate a thorough report. Thus began the process of assembling examination protocols based on the “type of structure” or “vehicle” to be examined.

The individual categories of examination and options were developed over the years to solve an age-old problem. Specifically, an investigator often will spend almost as much time writing a Quality Narrative Report as they did examining and documenting the loss location or vehicle.

921Docs experts designed the modules specifically so that they can be personalized by each user to accommodate an individual’s preference in the wording of their O&C reports. As an example one investigator may use the phrase “The Fires Propagation” while another may prefer “The Extension of The Fire”.

Additionally, our investigators and experts work constantly to refine the individual categories, options and report phrases. These professionals provide the kind of customer support that can only be provided by active investigators and subject matter experts.